Editorial Board

Editors in Chief:
Vadim Silberschmidt (Loughborough, UK)
E-mail: V.Silberschmidt@lboro.ac.uk

Valeriy Matveenko (Perm, Russia)
E-mail: mvp@icmm.ru

Anatoliy Tashkinov (Perm, Russia)
E-mail: tash@pstu.ru

Assistant Editor:
Mikhail Tashkinov (Perm, Russia)

Holm Altenbach (Magdeburg, Germany)
Yehia Bahei-El-Din (Cairo, Egypt)
Alexander Belyaev (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Helmut Boehm (Vienna, Austria)
Changqing Chen (Beijing, China)
Weiqiu Chen (Hangzhou, China)
Zhong Chen (Singapore)
Brian Cox (Thousand Oaks, USA)
Huiling Duan (Beijing, China)
Horacio D. Espinosa (Evanston, USA)
Somnath Ghosh (Baltimore, USA)
Hans Irschik (Linz, Austria)
Javier Llorca (Madrid, Spain)
Evgeniy Lomakin (Moscow, Russia)
Chien-Ching Ma (Taipei, Taiwan)
Ken-Ichi Manabe (Tokyo, Japan)
Edgar Alejandro Marañon Leon (Bogota, Colombia)
Wolfgang H. Müller (Berlin, Germany)
Jingzhe Pan (Leicester, UK)
Pulak M Pandey (Delhi, India)
Uday Shanker Dixit (Guwahati, India)
Costas Soutis (Manchester, UK)
Ramesh Talreja (College Station, TX, USA)
Anthony Waas (Seattle, USA)

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