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Table 6 Different material model frameworks used for modelling of PLA (Soares et al. 2008; Eswaran et al. 2011; Söntjens et al. 2012; Khan and El-Sayed 2013; Hayman et al. 2014; Bergstrom and Hayman 2016)

From: Experimental and computational studies of poly-L-lactic acid for cardiovascular applications: recent progress

Model Class Degradation modelled Visco-plastic effects Anisotropic effects Use in FE simulations
(Eswaran et al. 2011) Viscoplastic x
(Hayman et al. 2014) Hyperelastic x x
(Khan and El-Sayed 2013) Linear viscoelastic x x
(Soares et al. 2008) Hyperelastic x x
(Söntjens et al. 2012) Viscoplastic x x