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Call for Special Issues

Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes (MAMMP) welcomes Special Issues on timely topics related to the field of mechanics of advanced materials, with a special emphasis on underpinning interrelations between physics of deformation, damage and fracture with mechanics of manufacturing processes. The objective of Special Issues is to bring together recent and high quality works in a research domain to promote key advances in these areas. Like the journal itself, the Special Issues should create a forum for research contributions covering a broad spectrum of topics ranging from structural analysis, mechanical, microstructural and physical characterization of advanced materials to processing techniques and manufacturing of components and structures made of such materials.

Further Information:

MAMMP publishes special issues with an open call for papers or as a private special issue by invitation only. All the papers submitted will then undergo a blind review process under the management of the guest editors, before acceptance and publication. Research and tutorial papers can be considered, but the tutorial nature of any paper should be clearly presented.

Proposals for special issues should include the following information:

  • Topic of the special issue: Any topic in the scope of Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes is appropriate, but special issues should address new areas, or consolidated areas with significant recent progresses. The rationale for the special issue topic has to be well motivated, and the timeliness and relevance to the MAMMP audience has to be clearly presented. In addition, objective criteria that show the importance of the proposed topic are welcome, as well as indications about the absence of similar special issues in other journals.
  • Guest editor team: A team of guest editors will manage the peer review process of the special issue, after acceptance of the proposed topic. After acceptance, the Guest Editors will be responsible for the content of the Special Issue. The Guest Editors should be well established researchers in the domain of the special issue or closely related fields. They should have at a minimum, several years of post-PhD experience, and a significant publication track record. The team of Guest Editors should also be well balanced, and provide a complete coverage of the technical scope of the special issue. Special issue proposals should ideally include a short bio for each of the Guest Editors, along with complete contact information for each of them.
  • Potential contributions: Proposals are usually stronger if they include a potential list of contributors, which demonstrate the potential importance of the topic. Alternatively, a list of workshops, special sessions or similar events can contribute to support the potential success of a special issue.
  • Call for papers: If the proposed special issue will be open for public submissions, a draft of an open call for papers should be attached to the proposal. This one-page document should clearly describe the scope of the special issue, the topics to be covered, a tentative timing, along with the guest editors with their contact information. If the proposed special issue includes a closed call for papers—for invited or commissioned submissions only—please clearly indicate that.

How to submit your Special Issue proposal:

Special issue proposals, including the above information, can be submitted using the Proposal Form. This form shall be submitted by email to Please include in the subject line ‘MAMMP Special Issue Proposal’.