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Call for Papers: Thematic Series on 'Advanced Composites: Microstructure, Mechanics, Manufacturing and Optimisation '

Call for Papers: Thematic Series on 'Advanced Composites: Microstructure, Mechanics, Manufacturing and Optimisation	'Advanced composites are playing an increasingly important role in various applications – from automotive and aerospace to energy, defence and sports. The current stage of research is on development of better reinforcements and matrices, optimisation of microstructures and suggestion of sophisticated manufacturing technologies. This, together with non-trivial damage and failure processes, requires new insights into mechanics of such materials and respective manufacturing techniques. 

This thematic series covers various aspects of advanced composite materials, with a main focus on their microstructure, analysis and optimisation of their properties and performance as well as development of modern technological processes for them.

Featured article

Reviewing the class of Al-rich Ti-Al alloys: modeling high temperature plastic anisotropy and asymmetry

Helal Chowdhury, Holm Altenbach, Manja Krüger and Konstantin Naumenko, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes 2017 3:16

"A team from Germany presented a review of Al-rich TiAl alloys, analysing scientific literature and discussing recent advances and current understanding of this class of materials. These intermetallics with a unique set of physical and mechanical properties are suitable for high-temperature (up to 800°C) structural applications in aircraft engines, industrial gas turbines, etc. The main focus of this review is on their constituent phases, microstructure, deformation mechanisms and mechanical behaviour. Also, a micromechanical crystal-plasticity-based modelling approach is employed to assess plastic anisotropy of a single crystal of Ti-61.8at.%Al." Vadim Silberschmidt, Editor-in-chief. Read the article here

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Interview with Editor-in-Chief Vadim Silberschmidt

In a recent interview with the Springer Open blog, Prof. Silberschmidt discussed MAMMP, the status of the field of Mechanics of Materials and the prevalence of Open Access in academic publishing. Read more here.


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Thematic Series
Advanced Composites: Microstructure, Mechanics, Manufacturing and Optimisation
Edited by Edgar Alejandro Marañon Leon, Helmut Boehm, Chaofeng Lu,  Ken-Ichi Manabe
Submission deadline: 30 June 2018


Thematic Series
Recent Developments in Mechanics of Advanced Materials
Edited by Vadim V. Silberschmidt
Collection published: 10 July 2017

Aims and scope

The aim of Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes is to publish and disseminate results of current analytical, experimental and numerical research in the broad area of mechanics of advanced materials, with a special emphasis on underpinning interrelations between physics of deformation, damage and fracture with mechanics of manufacturing processes.
The journal will publish original research articles of interest to applied mathematicians, physicists, materials scientists and researchers from academia and industry, as well as to R&D engineers, involved with problems of mechanics and manufacturing of advanced materials.
Authors are encouraged to submit contributions on the topics ranging from structural analysis, mechanical, microstructural and physical characterization of advanced materials to processing techniques and manufacturing of components and structures made of such materials. The following topics are relevant to contents:

  • Experimental mechanics
  • Mechanical and physical properties of advanced materials
  • Microstructure-properties relationships
  • Damage and fracture
  • Fracture mechanics and structural integrity
  • Multi-scale and multi-physics material analysis
  • Mechanics and simulation of manufacturing processes
  • Design methods
  • Materials forming
  • Manufacturing techniques and technologies
  • Structural topology

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